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Which part of life is more acceptable: The part when everything ‘seemed’ to be impeccable and you were contended or the part when things got uncovered and all you had was the truth and the pain of deception. Which one is preferable? And which one would you prefer to live in? The chapter of life where your happiness feeds on lies or the chapter where the truth slowly condemns you to death?
Lies are what we thrive on. The truth sends shivers up your spine, whirls itself around you and grips on you tight until you’re strangulated. This truth will bless you with its venom and in seconds it will implode you into the tinniest pieces as if you were all glass. We all wish for nothing but the truth but nobody wished for what came along. The agony. The agony which torments you until you regret your knowledge of the truth.

You needed the truth but you never wanted it. You feel asphyxiated and miserable. But above all, who got freedom without embracing pain? I’ve been running since long, running faster than I think I can and with every pounce I took it got worse. So here I am, bewildered… What damages more? The honesty of the liar or the dishonesty of the victim?

What is worse: The truth or the denial?

Who is worse: The liar or the denier?

I feel ‘someone’ stitched up my eyes and opening them tear my stitches apart and it hurts, a lot. It is like my eyes shut close before my soul was completely wasted when it saw the brightest light.. the truth of the brightest light. My brightest light.

But what awful is if that ‘someone‘ is myself!

Truth is horrible but my frailty is more horrible.. my frailty to accept the truth. Didn’t I think I was strong?


11 thoughts on “All Weltered In Truth.

  1. Nicely written……….btw, I was hoping to find an about button to know a little about yourself and your blog……..:)…..and thanks for stopping by my blog….:)

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