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I’m happy that the misery arrived for if it wouldn’t have, then it would not have ever ended. I realised for the misery to halt it was needful for it to dawn. So I got ready for a dreary ride. Pain inflicted on me and with the arrival of every pain I lived free and tranquil.

Every end is followed by a start. Just like for every rainbow, the rain has to arrive. For every butterfly to waft there has to be a caterpillar. There exists a dry ripe seed for every soft petal to blossom. For every step to be taken, a risk awaits. For the healing of every wound an ointment causes burning, just like for every sun to rise there has to be a dark night.

The world will hold on to you, as long as you hold on to yourself. It’s always easy to wallow in the beauty of a moon but takes courage to love it without its shine and with its scars. The misery always end but how you dealt with it lives on. Most important thing in life is to stand for yourself when no one else did, to always raise your hands to clap for yourself because at the end that is all what matters.


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