How many times do we forgive people for hurting us? And how many times do we forgive ourselves for letting us hurt? Ever thought why did we forgive? Forgiveness is salient in the regeneration of any relation or any amity, but what more salient is to know the reason behind doing so. We all require to learn how to forgive with terms and conditions. 

Forgive to set yourself free, not because you can afford to be stabbed again in the back. Forgive not because you appraise the harmony in your relation but because you appraise the peace that grows inside your mind. Forgive not because you can’t suffer the loss of the person but because you can’t sustain to lose yourself after the heartbreak. Forgive to cut these chains which drag you down, not because you want to surrender your freedom. Forgive to unbound yourself, not to cage yourself once again. 

Nothing cures without forgiving, but you won’t cure either if you start to forgive for the wrong reasons. 

              Forgive for yourself. 


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