Dear You,

You could be your own support system. You could be more strong than a heifer. You could swim across the most unfathomable seas. You would crawl to stand, stand to run and run to fly but all of a sudden one day you can’t. One day you lie on the floor, numb and dead. You can’t feel the blood running through your veins, can’t feel the wind touching your body.. all you feel is nothing at all.

It is like somebody cut your wings while you were taking your flight. Somebody took the last beat from your heart. Like somebody froze your muscles while you tried to give a smile. You are insensate. You can feel the gone inside yourself and you hate it because you promised to never give up, promised to be the best of yourself, to be the most happy. You promised and you broke it.

You said things that spoke for you, saw things that sought through you and wrote things that read through you. You did what you had to help yourself.

Trust You, just how out of blue you lied crippled on the floor, one day you’d be able to stand! You were an insect who was dying off to survive. Who hibernated for survival because it can’t stand the harsh weather. The thing to remember is that the weather will die but You’ll be able to survive. You’ll bloom again in spring because that’s the truth about life: It goes on. 

I hope we all just don’t live for a survival but are able to survive for a living. 🌸


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