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I don’t know or maybe we all don’t know. The problem is we never know but is this really a stumbling block?

Don’t you believe if we start knowing everything the world would lose its shine? The moon shone the brightest until we realized the truth. The butterfly seemed to be radiant and bright-colored until we took in its grotesque reality.

A wise once said: ‘Don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up’  What is on the face and what could be inside? You never know. But why even to know if it is going to damage anyway? Maybe if we just start discerning everything, you and I will end up in a bath tub slitting our wrists. Maybe we’ll stop acting human. If we could look up a person from the inside we would probably build up an invisible wall and ignore each other at an another upgraded level. If we could look up a person from the inside we’d stop believing.. believing in the good. We will stop trying.. trying to find happiness because we’d already know what’s going to hurt us. Maybe we all somehow know what hurts. EVERYTHING. Every single thing. But how can we be sure without trying every single hope that brings us to light and then dampens our spirits? So once again we end up not knowing it.

We need reasons for our survival and this unsurety and vagueness is one of them. Life is just a short gist of experiences so I make sure I make the happy ones. I read it somewhere: ‘Knowledge is a rope and some times you’re weaving a noose out it’ Sometimes ignorance is a bliss and most of the times it is a blessing to not know things.



13 thoughts on “The Vagueness To Survival.

  1. Knowledge is like a double faced sword. It can be sweet as poison too , maybe we just needn’t need to unravel all the secrets , maybe we should just flow with time . “Maybe” . Again, another great read from you as usual . I love your choice of pictures.

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