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You called her fat, you called her short, you pulled her leg for being too skinny or being too tall. You made fun and laughed together. You knew it would break her inside but you laughed anyway. She knew she’s breaking inside but she laughed anyway. Funny and enjoyable it was.

She went home and looked at herself in a full length mirror trying hard to escape those fears, scars and insecurities. Moving her fingertips through all the nicest places she turned away. She wanted to shine the brightest this year but your approbations and jests quelled her but you both laughed because it was so entertaining. She lost the shine in her smile and forgot to suspire a fresher air. Poor she got more attuned to your toxicity.

Even on the days she deserved your claps, you refused to grow up. You made jokes and chortled because it was so amusing. Piece by piece you damaged her and laughed. You were so dead to find better reasons for your amusement and she was too dead to rebel.

She tried hard to seek your kind words but went home in a dismay. She cried and cried. Her pillows all wet, she shouted the loudest in her head. She looked out for answers to the questions that you inculcated in her mind. Questions that were now becoming a part of her soul. She hated herself even so more.

In the 20th Century, I just hope we are able to find better reasons for our mirth and better subjects for our jokes. At this point I just hope you realise how worse it is to be the reason behind why someone hates herself. Be kind.

P.S: This article is for a friend that is where my purpose of using the pronoun ‘herself’ lies.


22 thoughts on “The Joke Was On You. 

  1. I don’t know about others, but for me you’re making waves in this blogging sphere. Starting from your choice of pictures, to your essence and flow of writing is exquisite and natural. Loved this post. The first paragraph especially reminded me of the song titled “sons” by Concorde. If you can, then go ahead and watch it’s video on Youtube.

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  2. I really really love your this post it based on the true story while reading this i realized few lines are on me ..because i also suffered these things in my life even also suffereing now …i hope after reading this people must realized that how there words and purpose of amusement hurt other….beautifully written👌👌…i agreed👍👍

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    1. I guess we all can relate to it. People just can’t see us excelling and doing great in life so they try to shatter our confidence or whatever good we have. It doesn’t really matter how you look. They wouldn’t even approve of what we call ‘perfect’


  3. This is the most beautiful piece of writing I’ve ever come across, and surprisingly it is by my favourite person !
    Shine on, more power to you !

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  4. This world is wild. They’ll hurt your feelings, they’ll make you sad but in the end its up to you how you perceive it. No one is perfect, so that’s the reason we call ourself humans. So what we need to do is to be proud of who we are. And there is some one who feel bless to have you in their life, but if there is no one then you have yourself so why worry✌️

    I wanna draw your attention on the craziest things I have observed in a world of social media. Lemme know your thoughts on my latest blog that I have posted about the TWO REALITIES that we have created of ourselves.


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