All words but no glory
Funny how you didn’t mean it when you said sorry

Forced me to believe you meant your words
Wide awake thinking about it 5 in the morning till I could hear the birds

How hard it was to give you one last chance year after year
Hoped you didn’t take me for granted and losing me was something you feared

Dreamt about a happy forever without an ending
Was it love or was it just my heart that I was len

Each time I tried to solve it, you acted out in defense
So this is how what I thought could’ve been our reality never commenced

You broke me piece by piece till I was completely emptied
I had no choice but to undo our forever even though I once meant it

Now when I’m long gone, you decided to see me for what I was
But now the time has passed and our story is only a dumb loss

So I ask myself, is it love when I have to leave for you to see my worth?
Found my answer in the lesson I learned and my feelings that were unheard


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