Photo Source: Tumblr.

There is an ocean somewhere below the thundering clouds. This ocean is a milieu of vacillation, maliciousness and diffidence. In this ocean whenever a wave forms and rises up, the other overpowers it. It is the world where the waves can’t decamp the ocean and where the waters can’t fly. In this world if in any case a little naive wave dances on the surface, the other banishes it so as to feel the rhythm within itself. If in any case the moonlight showers on the wave, the other wave darts its shadow over it. If in any case this wave outlives the waterfall, the other causes it to fall.

I just hope the other wave is not yourself, your anxiety or your uncertainty. You’re the wave which flows gently with the currents. You’re the wave on where the lilies float. Trust the process and yourself. 


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